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Electrical Testing - Field Services   

Nemec Industries provides technical field services to the electric power industry. Our services range from  HV substation commissioning  to LV switchgear maintenance.

Our field services are performed by experienced and qualified technicians and engineers. We stay up to date on the latest safety training, test equipment, and best practices in the electrical testing and maintenance field.

Electrical Testing and Maintenance

  • Electrical Acceptance Testing

  • Relay Protection Testing and Commissioning

  • VLF, Tan Delta and Partial Discharge Testing

  • Transformer Oil Services, Testing, Repair and Maintenance

  • MV Cable Termination Installation

  • Electrical Troubleshooting and Problem Solving



Energized Electrical Services


  • Infrared (IR) Thermography Inspections

  • Partial Discharge (PD) Testing and Monitoring

  • Power Quality Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Harmonic & Transient, Motor Starting Studies

  • Arc-Flash, Coordination, Engineering Services, NFPA 70E Compliance and Safety Training

  • Vibration and Acoustic Condition Assessments

Shop Services

Fabrication | Manufacturing | Assembly | Repair

Nemec Industries' fab shop and warehouse are located on Beaver Ruin Rd in Norcross, GA.  Our facility is equipped to assemble and test electrical apparatus as well as other types of products. We deliver expert craftsmanship of fixtures made of wood, metal, plastics, and glass. Our fab shop has been in operation since 2005. We happy to discuss your needs for shop services and will work to provide the right solution for you.   

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Power Quality and Arc-Flash Solutions

Sonel PQM 711

High-end, low price, full-function 0.1% class PQ Analyzer for up to 3000A measurement. Available for sale and for rent at very competitive prices.  

Sonel PQM 707

low-price, full-function workhorse PQ analyzer that does it all!  

0.5% class. Up to 3000A measurement.

Available for sale and for rent.

Priced under $6K. Great low rental rates! 

We have power quality expertise in-house and also have partnered with several of the nation's most respected power quality experts. Many companies rely on these experts for power quality consulting. Contact us and get started solving your power problems today.  

"Phaseback VSGR is simply the best power solution available.  It solved several harmonic issues and arc-flash issues with a relatively low engineering cost. It  lowered our total power consumption in the plant, and we saw a decrease in equipment failures."   -Ebay Data Center

Optimize your power system and eliminate power quality issues with a proven and patented solution


Nemec Industries provides solutions to common power quality issues such as: harmonics, phase imbalance, transients, lightning, EMP and arc-flash. These power quality solutions are now more important than ever because so many devices now utilize switch-mode power supplies such as  VFD's, LED's, chargers and inverters. These modern and efficient devices save energy, but they are expensive to purcahse and replace. However one major issue is these devices do not typically last as long as they should - sometimes just a few years, and you're lucky to get 10 years out of them. The reality is these wonderful modern devices create harmonics on the power system which cause premature degradation of electrical components by increasing their operating temperature and by adding voltage spikes that weaken the electrical insulation. The harmonics created by one device then interferes with the power quality other other devices around it. Ironically, the expensive electronic devices are all slowly destroying each other. In addition, most commercial and many industrial loads are in a grounded wye configuration which means there is inherently even more harmonics on the grounds and significant efficiency loss when there is a phase imbalance. whether your system is delta or wye, we have a power quality solution that will improve your system unlike any other solution on the market. Our patented solution correct power quality issues head-on while also providing mitigation against the conditions that cause arc flash. To understand how a device can prevent arc-flash, consider this: Arch flash is primarily caused by the sudden rise in voltage of the two non-faulting phases during a phase to ground fault. After the phase to ground fault has occurred, the faulting phase voltage drops as become grounded in the fault. As a reaction to that voltage drop, the other two phase voltages rise quickly. This effect increases the phase-to-phase voltages- while at the same time there is already and increased temperature because the phase-to-ground arcing is already underway. This is the situation that causes the phase-to-phase arc flash and causes the damage to personnel and equipment.  

Power distributions system can benefit from our power quality solutions in several measurable ways.

We can prove it to you! 

1. Power Quality

2. Utilization Efficiency

3. Arc-Flash Safety

4. Minimize Fault Damage

5. Maximize Uptime

To learn more about how to improve your power system, please contact us. 

Louis J. Nemec 


(770) 331-1393

Manufacturer:  Applied Energy LLC - Saginaw, Michigan- USA

Model: Phaseback VSGR   Pat. No. 6,888,709

NEMA 3R enclosure is standard. Ground Fault Detector and Transient Counter is standard


Quotations and Ordering Specifications

Please provide the Transformer nameplate information


  1. Transformer Capacity (Design kVA),

  2. Configuration (Delta, WYE, (solidly grounded, HRG, Open Delta, Hi-Leg).

  3. 3-Phase Voltage of secondary (side you want to protect)

  4. Amperage of Board or Bus

  5. Choose Breaker or Fused Disconnect. Internal or External

  6. Provide electrical drawings or one-line of power system

Authorized Agent: Nemec Industries LLC

(770) 331-1393  Louis@nemecindustries.com


Reduces the potential for arc flash by over 85%.




The Phaseback VSGR uses electromagnetic induction to always pull phase voltages toward being equal. This allows the VSGR to react to an imbalance in phase voltage at the speed of current flow. This has profound effects on arc-flash potential as well as harmonics. It also reduces motor vibration and increases power utilization efficiency because it keeps the phase voltages equal. 

Voltage Stabilizing Ground Reference (VSGR)


  • Corrects phase voltage imbalance

  • Mitigates the potential for arc flash

  • Prevents arcing ground faults

  • Eliminates voltage spikes from internal or external sources

  • Prevents phase loss due to high impedance grounds

  • Restores phase angle differential

  • Prevents phase voltage instability

  • Minimizes phase voltage harmonics

  • Corrects waveform distortion

  • Cleans up noisy ground reference and frequency instability

  • Increases operational efficiency

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