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Sonel S.A. is one of the world's fastest growing manufacturers of electrical test and measurement instruments. Based in  Swidnica Poland,  Sonel provides measurement instruments for electrical contractors and engineers in the United States through its exclusive USA Distributor, Nemec Industries LLC. Nemec offers wholesale pricing to dozens of local and nationwide electrical equipment retailers such as Transcat, TEquipment, Omnicontrols, Primebuy,and  Amazon.

Sonel is also sold directly to users via our two direct sales websites: and Also you can reach Sonel USA sales directly by calling (770) 331-1393 or email to or


AllStar Innovations LLC provides concrete and asphalt paving and construction services. Since 2014, AllStar served the State of Georgia and Southeast USA with grading, milling, asphalt pavement installation, concrete construction and repairs, seal coating, line striping and ADA compliance for commercial, industrial, public and residential customers. For Quotations and Inquiries please email or call (770) 331-1393

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Since 2014, Nemec has provided electrical testing, maintenance and commissioning services in accordance with National Electrical Testing Association NETA/ ANSI ATS and MTS industry standards. We are not a NETA accredited company. We are regularly engaged in third party testing of electrical parameters of new and existing electrical installations and we perform inspections, testing and reporting according to NETA specifications. Furthermore, Nemec provides electrical contracting services including system upgrades, expansion, repairs, and new service installations. We specialize in working with MV power systems above 480V.  Nemec intellectual property includes vast knowledge of partial discharge testing and analysis and its application to American power transmission and distribution equipment and the failure modes relationship to PD characteristics. This prognostic is the very frontier of the energy industry's forward-looking capabilities with regard to planning for equipment failures.  Shall we dare call it the AI of power system maintenance. Learn more about PD Testing, Nemec Electrical Solutions, and almost anything you would ever want or need to know about electricity by contacting or calling (770) 331-1393

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Nemec Industries LLC provides Civil and Electrical Engineering Procurement and Construction Services for Commercial, Industrial, and Utility projects: Capital Improvement Projects

  • Underground Boring and Horizontal Drilling

  • Underground Electric Utilities and Communication Installation

  • Geothermal Energy System Installation and Integration

  • Asphalt Pavement Installation, Repaving, Milling, Patching and Repairs.  

  • Slabs, Foundations, Retaining Walls,

  • Grading and Land Development, Storm Drains, Retention - Detention Ponds


Call (770) 331-1393

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