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Partial Discharge - Corona - Infrared - Power Quality

NEMEC specializes in Online Power Testing technologies which do not require outages or downtime. Partial Discharge Testing and "in-service" testing of MV and HV power equipment allows you to inspect questionable equipment and pinpoint problems where insulation degradation will cause an imminent failure. .Our in-service testing methods includes five different types on OLPD sensors including UHF, Ultrasonic, AE contact, HFCT, and TEV sensors, We provide corona cameras inspections, Infrared Thermography, and power quality meters and monitoring. Furthermore we provide not only the testing service, but we also sell the test equipment and provide training so you can perfrom your own tests!

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Electrical Testing Services

Acceptance Testing | Commissioning | Maintenance

Testing performed in accordance with NETA/ ANSI, IEEE

Insulation Resistance Testing/ Megger-ohm Testing 

VLF,  Tan Delta/ Power Factor /Tip-up Testing

Hi-pot Testing with VLF , PD, and Tan Delta

Breaker Testing, SF6 Gas Testing and Servicing

Transformer Maintenance, Repairs, and Upgrades

Relay Upgrades and Testing, Commissioning and Troubleshooting
Arc-flash studies, Short-circuit / Coordination studies 
Power Quality Monitoring / Solutions
Training and Consulting
Installation of permanently-mounted power quality monitors
Power factor analysis and correction
Harmonic modeling and analysis
Grounding Testing / Fall of Potential / Equipotential
UPS Start-up and Commissioning

Online Partial Discharge Testing

Infrared Thermography / IR scans

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Test Equipment Sales and Rental

Nemec Industries LLC is the USA and Canada Master Distributor and Importer for Sonel Test Equipment. In Atlanta, GA we stock a large inventory of Electrical Test Equipment for sale and for rent.  Sonel Test Equipment is manufactured by our partner Sonel S.A. based in Poland and is of the highest quality and value on the global test equipment market. Sonel Test Equipment comes standard with free software, one year factory warranty which is extendable.  The price, quality, and features combination of Sonel is simply unmatched by anyb competitors. We invite you to explore the whole line of Sonel to find the electrical testing tools that are right for you! 

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Electrical Test Equipment Sales and Support


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Expert Testing Every Step of the Way

Nemec Industries LLC specializes Online Partial Discharge Testing, In-Service Electrical Testing and Asset Management Solutions. Electrical testing, NETA/ ANSI acceptance testing, electrical maintenance, and technical services for the electric power industry.

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Straight from the Source

"You helped us get our cables tested and get our project finished on time. You were professional and flexible with our changing schedule. Thank you, Nemec Industries, It was a pleasure working with you. We really couldn’t have done it without you."

Bob Kemp, Control Solutions Inc, Chief Estimator

"NEMEC was able to test our entire 12kV and 2.3kV distribution system in 3 days and they did it while the system stayed online during normal service.they helped us to identify several electrical issues that put our plant at risk. We were able to resolve those issues with minimal interruption. Thank you, Louis Nemec and Ed Casto for the work you have done for us. "

Richard H, Constellium Aluminum Products, Project Engineer

"Louis was able to teach us everything we needed to know to perform partial discharge testing and cable testing, transformer testing and breaker testing. He also provided us with a great deal on the test equipment we need to get our jobs done. "

Kevin Ray , Electrical Test Technician

"NEMEC introduced several pieces of electrical testing technology that we continue to use to our advantage"

Rick White, CPS Energy

Nemec Industries proudly serves as the exclusive authorized importer and wholesale distributor for Sonel S.A. throughout the USA and Canada. Based in Poland, this 30-year old electrical test equipment manufacturer is a world leader in electric power test equipment.

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