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Sonel Test and Measurement offers a selection of electrical test equipment.  Sonel Test Equipment users can expect high-quality technical support, robust and feature-packed instruments, short delivery times, and competitive prices. We also offer test equipment rentals

Sonel is sold in the USA and Canada exclusively by Nemec Industries LLC in order to deliver an excellent experience to our customers

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  • Test Equipment Rentals - We have Rental Units available and in stock now for all of our most popular test equipment.


  • Local Sales and Inventory in Atlanta means you have short lead times or Same-Day shipping for most test equipment.


  • Best Pricing - We'll give you a better price on any Sonel test equipment than you will get with any major manufacturer's matching or similar spec. Our pricing very competitive.


  • Quality - At the core of Sonel Test and Measurement's business model is Quality Control. Sonel has achieved an extremely low rate of equipment failures due to continuous design improvement and quality control practices.


  • Support - You will be able to call us and get a US-based person on the phone who you can actually understand what they are saying! AND knows how to help solve your problem. We are here for you!


  • TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT We have demo units available and we offer free web training. Also we have this new online test equipment simulator where you can interact with the instruments online.



https://www.sonel.pl/en/virtual-instrument-applications This is cool way to see what its like to use Sonel test equipment just by clicking!

Test Equipment in USA stock - For sale and for rent

Inventory in Atlanta, GA, USA - ships to most US destinations in  1-4 days

UV-260 Corona Camera

KT-560 Infrared Camera

KSF-320  SF6 Gas Camera

with IR and Multi-Gas Detection (for sale only)

MIC 10s1 - 10kV Insulation Resistance

 packed with features, also available in 5kV and 15kV

TDR 410 - Time Domain Reflectometer

 Accurately locates cable faults

and measures cable length

PQM 707 - Power Quality Analyzer

 full feature power analyzer for up to

3000A , 1000V and 0.5% accuracy

MRU 200 Ground Tester with GPS 

 Multiple Ground test methods including 2,3,and 4-pole methods + multiple clamp methods

MIC-5010 5kV Insulation Resistnace 

 Excellent Features

Virtual Test Equipment Simulator

We are Electrical Testing Experts

PQ test equipment sales and rentals as well as PQ field services. We also provide patented solutions to common PQ issues. 

Exclusive USA and Canada supplier of Sonel Test and Measurement Equipment

Corona Cameras, Infrared Cameras, Power Qaulity Analyzers, Ground Testers, Meggers, Ductors,Multimeters for rent

We have expert test technicians ready to help you get your testing and maintenance projects done right and done on time.

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(770) 331-1393

4266 Roswell Rd NE unit F2

Atlanta, GA United States 30342

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