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Image by American Public Power Association

Electrical Testing Services

Electrical Acceptance Testing

NETA Electrical Acceptance Testing According to NETA ATS / ANSI, IEEE or customer specifications. Maintenance Testing according to NETA MTS and manufacturer's warranty compliance

SF6 and VOC Imaging

Sonel KCH-320 and KSF-320 Imagers can visualize and locate many types of volatile organic compounds useful in pipeline leask detection and location, permeability measurements. KSF 320 is tuned to visualize SF6 gas in air at very low concentrations.

Infrared Thermography

IR Scanning using state of the art thermal imagers from Sonel and FLIR, Complete thermal imaging services including analysis and reporting. Customers receive their own copy of Sonel ThermAnalyze III software. Cameras available for sale and for rent also. 

Transformer Maintenance 

DGA, Oil Processing, Fullers Earth, Tan Delta Testing, Bushing replacements, OLTC service, repainting, Protection Upgrades and more 

Acoustic Imaging 

Revolutionary technology technology can locate leaks with speed and precision. Electrical partial discharges and coronas are also able to be located. Acoustic imager overlays visual spectrum with ultrasonic sound map. Variety of applications. 

Commissioning Agents

Testing and Commissioning Services by technicians with experience and expertise to get projects done correctly and on time. 


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