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About the Owner, Louis Nemec

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Nemec Industries was founded in 2014 by Louis Nemec. Our mission is to earn the trust of our partners and clients to deliver both heavy duty construction services and also complementary technical services. To ensure that projects are completed safely, on time, and according to the client's specifications.  We started as an Electrical testing partner for electrical engineers, contractors, utility and industrial companies. To provide our clients with not only the field testing services needed to commission their new power equipment, but also provide clients with the testing tools, equipment and training required for clients to be able to perform electrical testing themselves! It is with great pleasure that we can offer our clients both the services and the products needed to meet their electrical testing needs!


       Mr. Nemec's career in the electric power industry began in Atlanta, GA in 2010 as a technical representative for ProgUSA which provided test equipment sales and support throughout the United States on behalf of over eight different electrical test equipment manufacturers based overseas- mostly in Europe.  In 2015, Louis took a keen interest in online partial discharge testing accepted a role as the the Global Sales Manager for PMDT - Power Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology- a Silicon Valley based electrical technology company which was focused on the online/in-service power diagnostic technology. After successfully establishing PMDT in the US power industry and a trusted vendor and problem solver, Mr. Nemec returned to Atlanta, GA to focus on his dream of proving clients of a wider variety of power testing products and solutions. We’ve focused on innovation and value in electrical testing - delivering our clients the best testing products and methods available. We are here to give consultative advice and direction whether you need to do an inspection and troubleshoot questionable equipment or you are commissioning a major construction project, the best interests of our clients are our first priority!

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